BigNBright is a innovative combination scuba dive, cave dive, and night dive headlamp that can also be worn on your arm. The vision was a sump divers dream headlamp that could be used all year round for numerous activities such as caving and outdoor sports, light-weight, and built tough. It is made with all U.S.A. machined aluminum components, and has one of the few electronic in the world that measures the temperature inside the l.e.d.'s. instead of the chip or heatsink. This light can be configured to wear as a regular headlamp and operates without a separate canister to ease crawling through caverns, and is capable of numerous uses. It's designed so that a consumer can service and rebuild the light themselves if any situation ever were to arise with the detailed service manual. Professionals understand it is much easier to fix a user friendly product then to have to send it off and wait days, or even weeks for it to return. We try to keep off the competition by offering a better value product you can use everyday for numerous activities without compromising our innovation and build quality.
Each headlamp goes through a rigorous checklist including being placed in a pressure tank of which they must be able to endure 95PSI water pressure before being sold to the public. Not many headlamps can endure that kind of pressure and are not individually tested. The only drawback is BigNbright lights are fairly expensive to make being machined in U.S.A. but are worth the investment to hardcore users with big needs.

Unlike most dive lights, BigNBright is not designed as a regular "buy it now your stuck with it headlamp." Each light sold comes with a unique license for a performance upgrade. We provide this service as an effort to expand our business and grow as quickly as possible. Think of it as an investment that suits the public. To put the agreement short, l.e.d. technology gets better every year so we generally upgrade the light on a yearly basis. You can have your light upgraded for free. Example: If the light engine being used next year has twice the output and/or the housing has been changed you will receive all the parts for the conversion. You must have a serial number for the upgrade, the number can be used once before it is invalid.

To request your light updated to the newest design, you can either send in your light to have it rebuilt with the newest electronics or request to have the parts and directions mailed to you. 
 On top of the upgrade agreement, BiganBright was designed with an internal platform so that if you need way on down the line you can put your own L.E.D. electronic inside of it, and has lots of mounting holes with lots of room inside the light head. It is true that L.E.D. is a constant changing technology, and with that there needs to be a platform so a inclined l.e.d. tweaker can if needed swap their own electronic and L.E.D. inside of  the BigNBright and have a very own custom light, all with the looks and feel of a manufactured light without the feeling of "ugly and I just need more parts then it will be finished" kind of project.  The current electronic has about the same lumens as a 75 watt indoor lightbulb, yet will dim down to a regular headlamp. The BigNBright setup we advertise is similar to many manufacturers 1600+ chinese overrated "false lumens". The light is bright. 

One stand alone innovative feature of the BigNBright is the use of a 3 oring switch made to keep out thousands of lbs of air or water, and able to withstand 100's of thousands of switch cycles thanks to 6 separate switch contacts.  About every 100 ft deep is 43-45psi. The switch is overkill, but works good. No cheap bladder covered thumb switches on this light! 


High Strength
                          High output

​6061-T6 machined 

Non-colored finish never fades

Hardcoat anodize 3x thick

tough 1/8" thick wire tube
Guaranteed as bright as a 55watt car headlight

Uses Lithium batteries for ultimate reliability 

Includes license upgrade
​Every light pressure tank tested

​3 o-ring battery lid is mud and grit proof for changing battery anywhere quickly without tools

3 o-ring switch works like a shock absorber 

Made in U.S.A
Upgrade license equipped
Engineered switch
Why buy a BigNBright scuba light?
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